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I am an experienced LinkedIn champion maker and coach, LinkedIn Profile optimizer and best-selling author (11 non-fiction books, 3 best-sellers). My mission is to help entrepreneurs, freelancers and coaches reach their business goals and grow their business and live the life they want. I help them optimize their LinkedIn Profile and leverage LinkedIn to boost their client base and sales.

⛋ LinkedIn Champion Maker and Coach, LinkedIn Profile Optimizer, Trainer for groups
⛋ Relationship Manager - Career Counselor
⛋ Published author (11 non-fiction books of self-management, career planning, branding yourself and time management. Three best sellers) 📘
⛋ Podcast host 🎙️

🔷 20+ years of experience in coaching, career counseling and training; helping entrepreneurs and professionals reach their business and career goals.
🔷 5+ years of experience in helping professionals and would-be professionals as a LinkedIn Coach optimize their LinkedIn Profile and leverage LinkedIn reach their career goals.
🔷 3+ years of experience in helping entrepreneurs, freelancers and coaches optimize their LinkedIn Profile and leverage LinkedIn to grow their business as a LinkedIn Expert.
🔷 I have analyzed 300+ LinkedIn Profiles of entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, professionals and would-be professionals to help them optimize their LinkedIn Profile to reach their business or career goals as LinkedIn Expert.
🔷 2+ years of experience as a podcast host.
🔷 published 11 non-fiction books (3 best sellers).
🔷 featured in a great number of Finnish television and radio programs (YLE & MTV3). In addition, I was the time management coach in a Finnish real-life television series.

🌟 Finally, yet importantly, my clients say I am an inspiring, enthusiastic, warm and encouraging person and coach to work with (check the Recommendations on the bottom of my Profile).

My goal for your business

As your LinkedIn coach, my goal is to share my professional insight, knowledge, and industry experience to help propel your business toward new heights. I look forward to working with you and turning your dreams into reality to transform your life.

How does the following sound:
I can help you generate more sales to grow your business with LinkedIn by working in a smart way and automatizing part of your lead generation.
more leisure time with family and friends and more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Start taking the steps to live the life you truly deserve!

Let’s make you the next LinkedIn champion:

your success is my mission.

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Timo Lampikoski

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