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In the next 6 months:

🔷 Do you want to easily boost your client base at least 200 %?

🔷 Do yo want to easily boost your sales at least 300 %?

🔷 Do you want to take your business to the next level?

All with LinkedIn.

If you answered yes to the above questions, I'd love to discuss your business goals. Can you imagine what you could do with extra income?

I help all of my clients, e. g. in my workshops and webinars, to leverage LinkedIn to grow their business.

Why work with me one-to-one?

After years of extensive experience and experimentations, I have created an exclusive Elite LinkedIn Formula (ELLIF) which includes under-the-radar, ninja leverage LinkedIn Profile optimizing tips, tactics and strategies that very few LinkedIn users know and apply on LinkedIn.

I exclusively share these under-the-radar, ninja tips with my private ELLIF clients.

ELLIF has helped them

🔷 land high-ticket clients

🔷 skyrocket their sales

🔷 work smart

What is more: I've partnered with Yann Ilunga, a podcast and lead generation authority. We can help you

🔷 automatize your lead generation to generate healthy, recurring income

🔷 get more leisure time

🔷 transform your life

We coach highly dedicated, proactive and result-oriented small business owners, freelancers or coaches.

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Let's make you the next LinkedIn champion,

your success is my mission!

Timo Lampikoski
LinkedIn Champion Maker and LinkedIn Profile Optimizer
Your LinkedIn Coach
timo.lampikoski (at) kolumbus.fi

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