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Timo Lampikoski

Looking for direction

Welcome to my first blog!

This first blog of mine is (hopefully) an educational story. I have written it especially for small business owners, freelancers, coaches, consultants and would-be solopreneurs. It describes my journey in the bewildering world of Internet marketing.

I am Timo Lampikoski, a LinkedIn expert and coach and best-selling author. I have written 11 non-fiction books (3 best-sellers).

My mission is to help entrepreneurs, freelancers and coaches reach their business goals to live the lives they want.

How did I find a business model that actually works and helps me realize my mission?
By trial and error and losing tons of money, time and nerves.  

Do you make these mistakes on LinkedIn?

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Let me first tell about my background…

I live in Finland, which is a great country to live in. Unfortunately, the business opportunities are somewhat limited in Finland, because only some 5.5 million people live in my native country. I wanted to widen my business horizons, and got interested in global online marketing in 2011.

I started looking for an opportunity to earn extra income. First, I wrote an eBook The Happiness Hop – Gain the Three Insights to Your Amazing Life (with pen name Tim Pond) and published it on Amazon Kindle 2012. For my delight, it was a bestseller in a self-help sub category for a couple of days, got good reviews but the sales soon dried out.

Next, I tried blogging about the themes of my book and experimented with SEO, banner ads and Google ads. I also created my own self-improvement products, such as digital guides and product packs to sell online, but alas, it was not cost-effective. The online gurus’ advice you to create your own products for sale, but it is not easy to sell them.

Then, I set up a couple of membership sites. I got a great number of free members, but getting them paid for membership was challenging. Furthermore, keeping the members happy with fresh content and interacting with them was very time-consuming.

I also invested in a PLR (Private Label Rights) membership site, got the system working pretty well, but suddenly the site shut down. I tried to contact the owner but she seemed to disappear from the face of the earth. Accordingly, I lost that business and my investment.
Then, I put effort in MLM, i. e. multi-level marketing, but was scammed and lost about $2,000. It seems that if you are not at the top part of the MLM team pyramid it is very hard to earn money in MLM. In the end, you just lose money. In addition, in most cases MLM business models are ethically dubious.

So, for six years I had worked like a hunting dog, but still kept struggling...


My discovery

Finally, in 2016 I discovered LinkedIn and started studying how to leverage LinkedIn to grow my business.

And it has made all the difference.

I also got interested in lead generation, email marketing and creating automatized sales funnels..

Leverage LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn

So, here I am online, after 5 years. Still studying and learning, and honing my social selling and LinkedIn marketing skills. During these years I’ve developed an exclusive set of leverage LinkedIn strategies and tactics to benefit you. This year my focus is to help entrepreneurs, freelancers and coaches leverage LinkedIn to reach their business goals and to take their business to the next level.

Social selling on LinkedIn combined with email marketing sales funnels work really well for me, and I just love helping professionals and solopreneurs reach their career and business goals with LinkedIn. I have analyzed 300+ LinkedIn Profiles with my tips and coached thousands of would-be professionals, professionals and entrepreneurs to leverage LinkedIn to reach their career and business goals.

How can you LinkedIn help you take your business to the next level?

LinkedIn is still a highly untapped social media platform for most professionals and solopreneurs.

If you are tired in struggling to grow your business and working too much, if you are looking for a home business opportunity to earn extra monthly income, I highly recommend you to start leveraging LinkedIn to boost your client base and sales.
In a few months, LinkedIn may become your main marketing and social selling platform, which rapidly increases your sales.

How cool is that!

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Timo Lampikoski


M. Ed. Timo Lampikoski is an experienced LinkedIn expert and coach and best-selling author (11 non-fiction books, 3 best-sellers). Timo’s mission is to help entrepreneurs, freelancers and coaches reach their business goals and grow their business. Timo helps them optimize their LinkedIn Profile and leverage LinkedIn to boost their client base and sales.